Please consider the following for a more enjoyable tour:

Tour Tips

Most cavern tours follow paved lighted walkways, but your tour may require you to climb stairs and walk on uneven terrain. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that give you a good level of traction. Because of this, in many caves strollers are not permitted. Also be aware, if you have knee problems, heart conditions, or other physical ailments, some parts of the tour may be unsuitable for you. Cavern tours usually only require mild activity, but if you are concerned, feel free to contact the cave you wish to visit to find out what you should expect.

Caves have a very unique beauty, so remember to bring a camera along on your tour, but be advised that tripods are not usually permitted. To help protect the cave environment, touching rocks and formations is prohibited. Some cave formations are very fragile to the touch and may break easier than you might think. Also the oils in your skin may stop the growth of cave formations.

Caves are insulated by the earth and are typically cool, ranging from the 50's through the mid 60's. Please dress appropriately for maximum comfort during your tour.

Caves provide a fun and educational environment for people of all ages; however, parents should be responsible for their children's behavior to ensure their safe enjoyment of the tour. There are no restrooms in most caves, so make sure to plan appropriately before beginning your tour.

If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to contact the cave you are planning to visit for more information.